Elf Bread seeks to combine two things: simplicity and uniqueness.


The Elf Bread team consists of a group of individuals from Lithuania (Europe) who make small accessories for your daily use. We are really passionate about what we do and we try to work hand in hand with our customers, in order to make them unique. All our products are handmade as we believe in quality, style and attention to detail.


There are a lot of leather accessories in the market but we can guarantee you that our products will always have that unique touch to them.


This is mainly due to the passion with which we create each product. While doing so, we don’t forget the most important thing – quality. Only the best leather is used to make our accessories and you will know that as soon as you touch one of them. Quality is also ensured by making each item separately, one at a time.


Lithuanians have always been known for their ability to process leather. Our team is no exception. The way we differ from other manufacturers, is that each our products is simple, convenient and stylish in its own way. It is not easy to combine those three qualities you might say. Not for us!


 Elf Bread has a product for many purposes. We try to make different products for your everyday use: a wallet, a tobacco pouch, an iPad case or travel bag. The list is not final, as we are always trying to innovate. Have any production ideas? Don’t hesitate to share them: info@elfbread.com


Discover yourself with Elf Bread. Just give it a try and you will love it. 




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