Elf Bread & The Artists present: Creative Challenge

Using the lockdown period as a catalyst for creativity, leather brand Elf Bread has teamed up with three like-minded artists to reimagine one of its most popular bag silhouettes – the belt bag – using it as a canvas. And the results? Some seriously stylish hand-painted accessories. Elf Bread chatted with the artists about the creative process and their different approaches to this collaborative project.

Elf Bread Interview with the artist: Kai Nemra


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Interview with the artist: Jurgi Ta

Karolina Jarmalytė

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In this project we wanted to show how a simple piece, in this case a leather belt bag, can be transformed in unique ways with a bit of creative flair. Sustainability and style are key factors in our vision. We invent new products by taking an imaginative approach.

Each artist went for colourful designs but each brought their individual style: Karolina brought her abstract shapes, Jurgi Ta with her striking portrait and Kai Nemra with her bold tiger. We are honoured to work with these creatives and plan to continue experimenting with our leather accessories and nurturing local artistic talent.